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Grading Syllabus Overview


Karate Grading Syllabus Overview

Wado Kai Karate is broken down into units known as Kyu grades. Each unit contains a cross section of practice, and more skill is needed as one progresses through to black belt. For children under 16, the Kyu grades are further divided into Mon grades.

The grading rules vary depending on the age of the candidate and are explained in detail on the Grading Rules Page.

The grading syllabus is split into a number of categories; students are expected to be proficient in each category in order to be awarded the grade. The menu at the top of the page links to the technical requirements for each grade.

Students must have a current licence to train and grade. Application forms are available from your instructor, or can be downloaded.

Kihon Waza (Basic Techniques)

The basic techniques for each grade must be performed several times to a count during the grading.

Renkei Waza (Combination Techniques)

These are combinations of basic techniques, again preformed serveral times during a grading to a given count.

Ippon Kumite ('One Step Sparring')

Short combinations of attack and defence performed with a partner. These come in several varieties:
• Jodan Uke: defence against attacks to the head
• Chudan Uke: defence against attacks the torso
• Maegeri Uke: defence against kicks

Each of these types of partner work are numbered, for example 'Maegeri Uke Ipponme' is read as 'First set of defence against kicks'.

Ohyo Kumite (Semi Free-Style Sparring)

Ohyo Kumite consists of eight sequences of pre-arranged moves, performed with a partner.

Kihon Kumite ('Basic' Sparring)

As with Ohyo Kumite, these are pre-arranged sequences of moves. The name 'basic' here however is misleading, since these are the most subtle partnerwork combinations in the syllabus, relying on body shifting or deflection and simultaneous counterattack rather than explicit blocks.

Kata ('Form')

Katas are pre-arranged sequences of moves.


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