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We have put together some resources for our members to access, if you have any suggestions for further content, then please contact us.

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Dojo Rules

Karate is not just a sport it is also a school of discipline and a few simple rules for respectful behaviour and safety must be observed within the Dojo.

Respect for the Dojo facilitates good learning and good karate. Dojo Rules›

Dojo Rules

How to Tie your Belt

When you buy your new gi, the first thing you need to learn how to do is tie the belt correctly›

Karate Belts

Karate Terminology

Do you know your Kiba Dachi from your Jigo tai? Wanna learn the difference between Mikazukigeri and Atoshigeri? Well to find out, and a whole lot more visit our karate terminology section›

Karate Terminology
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