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Karate Club Fees

We try to keep our prices as competitive as possible and invest any money we make back into the club. We recently purchased gum shields for all our students and have invested in some new Kumite training equipment.

There are no contracts with our club and we operate a 'pay as you train' policy. We believe this is in your best interests and fosters a responsibility for your own training.

This also means that you will not have to continue to pay us if you decide that karate is not for you, or if you need to take a short break from training due to illness of other commitments.

Here is an article on why contracts should be avoided in a karate club›

Karate Lesson Costs

Your first Lesson is free, after that we have a weekly price.

Adults/Cadets (16 and over) £6.00

Juniors (up to 16) £5.00

Other Costs

When you are confident that you want to continue training with us you can join the England Wado Kai Association and if you become serious and want to grade for your first belt, it will be necessary to obtain an EWK License.

EWK membershipEWK membership & stamp book
Children and Cadets (up to 16) £5
Adults (over 16) £5
This is a yearly fee from January.

EWK licence feesEWKR licence fees
Children (up to 12) - £10,
Cadets (12-15) £15,
Adults (over 16) £20
This is a yearly fee.

Application forms for the EWKR Licence and Membership can be obtained from the club.

karate GiOnce you start progressing with karate you can purchase yourself a ‘gi’, which is the cotton jacket and trousers worn in karate. These can be bought in a range of weights and prices start at around £14.

If you are unsure whether Wado Kai Karate is for you, why not pop down on Monday to watch a lesson, if you like what you see you can have a free lesson!

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How to find us

Reading Wado Kai Karate Club train at
South Reading Community Hub,
252 Northumberland Avenue,
Reading, Berkshire.
RG2 7QA.

South Reading Community Hub

Training Times

Reading Wado Kai Karate Club trains at South Reading Community Hub on Monday evenings from 6:30pm. Training Times›

Karate Training Times


What should I wear? What's with the bowing? Am I too old? How fit do I need to be? Will I get hurt?

Hopefully we can answer all your questions on our FAQ page›

Frequently Asked Questions

Karate Books

See some of the karate books recomended by our instructors and members. Karate Books›

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Wado Ryu Karate manualAngry White PyjamasSport Stretch

Recomended Karate Books
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