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Website Credits

The Reading Wado Karate Club wesite was launched in 2007 as part of a strategy to promote the club following a move to the South Reading Youth and Community Centre. The website's secondary aim is to provide a useful resource to existing club members.

The website was designed and created by Studio JERO Web Design based in Reading, Berkshire.

The website is also maintained, managed and hosted by Studio JERO

Photography and content is from a variety of sources including Studio JERO, England Wado Kai and the instructors at Reading Wado Kai Karate Club.

All content is covered under UK copyright laws, international treaty provisions and other
applicable laws. No part of this site may be duplicated without the written permission of the relevant copyright holder. For specific details please contact the webmaster in the first instance.

If you would like to suggest developments or improvements to the website please contact the webmaster in the first instance. If you have any general enquiries about the club or karate you can contact us via the contact page.


Rob Barrett, Lorraine Spiller, England Wado-Kai
For permission to use photographs from the Reading Wado Karate Club website, please contact the webmaster in the first instance.


Studio JERO Web Design in Reading
England Wado Kai
Lorraine Spiller
Rebecca Moreland
Barry Wilkinson
Russel Kenyon
Rob Barrett
Carl Spiller

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What should I wear? What's with the bowing? Am I too old? How fit do I need to be? Will I get hurt?

Hopefully we can answer all your questions on our FAQ page›

Frequently Asked Questions

History of Wado Kai

The Origins of Karate can be traced back as far as the Greek Olympic games of 776 B.C.
Wado History›

Wado History

Meet the instructors

Currently the club instructor is Rob Barrett (3rd Dan, Black Belt). Find out more about Rob on the instructors page›


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